Most parents have avery high expectation for their children. They know that their child will become a great person in life. Hence, they send the kids to school and groom any talent that is visible to the child. Students seldom have the motivation to work hard in school. Their motivation to play video games and watch movies is far much greater than their motivation to work hard in school. However, they should understand that their parents expect them to make something of themselves. This should be reason and motivation enough for them to work hard in school or use assignment writing services in Australia.

            In Africa, some students work hard because they want to become doctorsif you ask them why they tell that their parents want that for them. However, the motivation of African kids also comes from the necessity in thecommunity. For example, a student may work hard because they want to be a doctor and help people in their remote area. Students in the developed world should purpose to work hard and improve the world. The developed country might have enough farmers, doctors, and businesspersons. However, many developing countries need the expertise to improve their communities. Therefore as you get help, realize that not just your parents have high expectations for you but the whole world.